Diverse Range, Varied Budgets: Tyres to Suit Every Driving Need

At MTR Auto Tyres Ltd we aspire to be  your one-stop shop for high-quality part-worn tyres that rival brand-new options. Our wide range meets various driving needs and budgets.

Trusted Tyre Brands:
Explore our collection from the world's leading tyre manufacturers. Whether you seek premium tyres or budget-friendly alternatives, we stock world leading tyre brands to fit most vehicles.

Unbeatable Value:
Get the most out of your money with our top-quality part-worn tyres. While not new, they offer excellent performance without the hefty price tag. 

Sustainability Matters:
Choose affordability without compromising on environmental responsibility. Our commitment to professionalism and sustainability means saving money while supporting a greener future.

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee:
With competitive prices and rigorous quality checks, we prioritise your happiness. Our hassle-free return policy ensures peace of mind.