The Green Revolution: 
Boost Your Part Worn Tyres for the Long Haul! 

Ready to dive into the world of eco-smart driving that doesn't break the bank? Buckle up, because we're about to give you the lowdown on how to seriously extend the life of your part worn tyres.


Cutting Waste, Raising the Bar 

Let's cut to the chase—extending the life of your part worn tyres means less waste choking up the environment. Say goodbye to unnecessary landfill and wave hello to a cleaner, greener road ahead.


Eco-Savvy, Wallet-Friendly 

Think you need brand-new tyres for top performance? 

Think again. Making your part worn tyres go the extra mile doesn't just give a thumbs-up to Mother Earth, it also gives a high-five to your wallet. 

Fewer replacements mean more cash in your pocket for the things you need.


Green Mileage, More Adventure 

Rev up your engines for this: with well-maintained part worn tyres, you're not just burning rubber, you're also burning less fuel. That means more miles per tank, more road trips, and fewer stops for fuel. 

Now that's a road we want to be on!


MTR Auto Tyres: Your Sustainability Sidekick 

Ready to make your part worn tyres go the distance? 

Look no further than MTR Auto Tyres Ltd. Our top-quality part worn tyres are carefully inspected, so you're getting top-notch performance without the premium price tag.

So, fellow road warriors, let's hit the road with a serious green twist. Stretch those part worn tyres, cut down on waste, and watch your savings and adventures grow. 


It's time to drive smart, drive green, and enjoy the ride!


  • Tip 1: Eco-Drive for the Win  Smooth acceleration, gentle braking, and avoiding aggressive maneuvers all help reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your tyres. Plus, you'll save some fuel in the process, giving both your wallet and the environment a high-five.


  • Top Tip 2: Air Up, Not Out Keep those tyres pumped up to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Under-inflated tyres wear out the edges quicker, while over-inflated ones wear at the center. Correct pressure not only ensures even tread wear but also maximizes fuel efficiency.


  • Tip 3: Rotate and Roll On Give your tyres a balanced workout. Regularly rotating them—front to back and side to side—ensures even wear, prolonging their lifespan. It's like giving each tyre a chance to shine in different roles, ensuring a longer performance.


  • Tip 4: Line 'Em Up with Alignment Misaligned wheels are a tyre's worst enemy. They cause uneven wear, resulting in shortened lifespans. Schedule regular wheel alignments to keep those tyres rolling in harmony, maximising their longevity.


  • Tip 5: Load It Right Don't overload your vehicle beyond its limits. It's not just about comfort and safety; overloading strains your tyres, leading to premature wear and tear. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to avoid unnecessary stress on your tyres.

27th August 2023